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One-liner: Disarray

I don’t just live in a constant state of disarray.  I’m the governor.

Hence the repeated delays on posting these things.

One-liner: Wheeling with Uncertainty

She changes her mind more often than a gull in a thermal changes heading.

It was a very bird-friendly morning.

One-liner: Ineffectual Scolding

She cussed him out like a bluejay going after the pig stealing its acorn cache.

The Stellar’s Jay in the tree next to our place was particularly squawky this morning.  I swear, neither Brodie nor I had any interest in your secret stash, sister jay.  Just back off already.

One-Liner: Boys Will Be Boys

Here’s one that takes a bit more context, so I’ve set it in my novel:

Solstice raised an eyebrow at Cliff.  “I take it you weren’t really paying attention to what she said.”

Cliff drew a breath, looking as if he were preparing to defend himself, then let it out with a sigh and a shake of his head.  He looked at his bare toes in the dirt.

Solstice reached up to lift his chin until his gaze met hers.  She spoke as if to a weeping toddler.  “Poor baby.  You were distracted by her sweater puppies, weren’t you?”

Yasmina blushed a bit.  Laurel snorted.

Reynard regarded the tableau for a moment, then stepped in front of Cliff to face Solstice.  “In Cliff’s defense… they were Great Danes.”

Cliff’s discomfiture deepened as his companions fell into laughter.

We aim to be classy in this here establishment.

I blame the folks at Bounce/Title 9 who sent me a bra catalog.

One-liner: How many birthdays?

As Indy said,

It’s not the years, honey, it’s the mileage.

Or in my case,

It’s not the years… it’s the margaritas.

(An excellent birthday card reminded me to take birthdays with a few grains of salt… on the rim!)

One-Liner: Salt & Pepper

White was sprinkled throughout the reds of his hair and beard, salt-and-cayanne where more conventional men of his age showed salt-and-black-pepper.

Who is that about, and what age exactly?  I’ll never tell… (Erik, 44)

One-liner: Pedaling

Explaining sophisticated technology to Laurel was like pedaling a road bike up a sand dune – not impossible, just an unreasonable expenditure of effort.

Another one that fits into the world of my story.

One-liner: Road Apples

She can’t tell a road apple from a rutebega.

I’m hoping that what it lacks in originality it makes up in alliteration.

Sky Dragon

The cloud overhead was a dragon rising from the bay, shimmering in gold, magenta and silver, flicking  bright droplets of Jupiter and Venus from its tail.

Not so much a humor oriented one-liner, but… it was a very pretty sunset.  This seemed as good a place as any to put it.

One-liner: Politics

As the poll numbers shifted, she once again demonstrated the skills that won her the gold for the 500m backpedal.

Back down to one of these per week, until the winter solstice marks the end of the world, or at least the Mayan calendar Bak’tun cycle


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